pjama now available in australia


The Swedish invention, Pjama, is a liquid-absorbing pyjama and is a powerful tool for helping children and adults suffering from bedwetting. Now the product is available in Australia.


Bedwetting is very common with approximately one in five children in Australia wetting the bed. Bedwetting is a complex condition that can often be a source of worry for parents and children. For parents, the main concern is often the emotional and social effects on their children. Children can experience feelings of embarrassment that can lead to low self-esteem. There are also other issues, like laundry workload and costs to contend with. 


There are a number of products on the market, but none of these are optimal for spending the night outside of your own home. That’s where Pjama is unique with a discreet, absorbing pyjamas.


“It is exciting to finally be able to offer our product in Australia. We have received many requests from both private individuals and companies wanting to buy Pjama's products, and it feels great to be able to meet their demand. We collaborate with a local distributor, E3 Health Pty Ltd, which means the products will be easily accessible through our online store, www.pjama.com.au, and support will be provided during normal business hours.”


Johan Bergenholtz, CEO Pjama AB