Pjama was invented in 2010 in Sweden. The two founders had experienced the results of bedwetting in their own families, and discovered that they were not alone. To see their children refrain from attending school trips and athletic camps, and not wanting to join their friends for a sleepover, became unbearable. Torbjörn Gärdenfors, one of the founders, said “Seeing the look in the eyes of my nine-year-old son not wanting to spend the night with his friends because of feeling ashamed wearing a nappy greatly upset me, and I wanted to find a solution for him.  I spent the next four years learning about textile material and developed a pyjama that could contain liquid. That was the start of Pjama.” 



The concept of Pjama was in the beginning developed based on a grant provided by Smart Textiles in Borås. 


Smart Textiles



BVC, a state owned child care unit, in the southern part of Sweden helped in the early verification phase of Pjama.


Pjama works with multiple retailers around the world.  In Australia our partner is E3 Health Pty Ltd.  Pjama shorts are available for purchase in our online store and will be shipped to you from a local warehouse in Australia.  Support will be provided by the Pjama Down Under Team during normal business hours, 9am - 5pm.