A 7.5 years old boy’s success story

A 7.5 years old boy’s success story

John is a 7,5 years old boy that used to wet the bed 3 times per night.  After going through a bedwetting treatment using the Pjama Bedwetting Alarm with the boxer underwear for 8 weeks, he has been dry for more than 3 weeks straight, clinically that means the treatment was successful.

John’s mother Michelle said they had attempted toilet training 3-4 times without success.  They also tried a bedwetting alarm with a sensor that you attach to the underwear or nappie but it did not work. John did not like the sensor inside the underwear, and he did not like the alarm signal, so they stopped the bedwetting treatment.

Early in the year John was invited to a sleepover, initially he said yes, but at the last minute he decided not to go, being worried he would wet the bed.  John was the only bedwetter amongst his group of friends. He was now motivated to start treatment using a bedwetting alarm.

Michelle searched for an alternative bedwetting alarm system and found the Pjama bedwetting alarm system with the boxer underwear. As the sensor is attached to the outside of the underwear, and there are no wires, she thought the system would be more comfortable for John. As it is possible to record your own alarm signal on the phone this was also a trigger for John to try the Pjama bedwetting alarm system for a few nights.  John recorded his favourite song as the alarm signal, and this helped in getting started with the bedwetting treatment.

As John is a deep sleeper his mother Michelle had to shake him to wake up during the first week of treatment.  She pulled him out of bed to go to the toilet to empty his bladder and put on a dry pair of underwear.  The sensor is easily transferred from the wet pair to the dry pair. The accidents per night slowly started to decrease from 4 times, to 3 times, to 2 times per night.  The volume of urine was also starting to decrease.  Despite slightly improving week by week Michelle had to help John wake up during the first month of treatment. A few weeks into the treatment he was half awake when the alarm went off.  At that time, they started to use the alarm unit as an alarm, which now was ok with John as he was used to the system. After about 6 weeks John started to wake up himself, go to the toilet to empty his bladder, change into a dry pair of boxer underwear, and put back the sensor on the dry pair.

It was very challenging to keep going in the beginning. Three weeks into the treatment John was about to give up as he was still wetting the bed every night.  But as the number of incidents per night were decreasing, and the output of urine was less, Michelle talked to him about the end goals, having a dry bed and not missing out on sleepovers, and they continued with the treatment.

After about 2 months John stopped wetting the bed and has now been dry for 3 weeks, waking up when he has an urge, despite being a deep sleeper, and going to the toilet for a wee.

Michelle found the DryGuardians App very helpful in the beginning of the treatment.  The initial videos explained how to setup the system and the morning messages provided tips that were very helpful during the first month. She used the calendar for the first month but as incidents reduced she found it less helpful towards the end of the treatment.

Michelle found the system very sensitive, setting off the alarm right away with a small volume of urine, allowing John to hold on until he got to the toilet to empty his bladder.  Even if he was half awake during the first part of the treatment, she believes he was holding on subconsciously when the alarm turned on. When John was starting to have dry nights, there were times the alarm went off from just a small dribble and a few times the alarm was triggered by sweating.  She then had to take off his blanket to let him cool down a bit.

As John is now dry, Michelle is happy that they do not have to buy nappies that are very expensive for a 7,5 years old, and John is very excited about going to sleepovers now.  And, his younger sister is now motivated to start a bedwetting treatment.  They can use the same alarm unit, and only need to buy the Pjama treatment underwear briefs that fit her. 

If you want to learn more about the various Pjama Bedwetting alarm systems available please read more here.

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