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Continence Aids – Confident and Discreet

When wearing Pjama, there is no need to change bed linen in case of a bedwetting incident. Pjama protect your sheets, blankets and mattress.

Our bedwetting pants & shorts make it possible to take part in activities that involve sleeping away from home. Use Pjama when going to camp, school trips, sleepovers, or when travelling. Pjama are discreet and look like any other pyjamas.

With Pjama Bedwetting Pants & Shorts no additional nappies or bed covers are needed. When you have an accidental wetting, the inner layer of the Pjama absorbs the urine whilst staying dry on the outside. The wearer senses when the Pjama becomes moist inside. Pjama is not designed to be dry on the inside, but discreetly providing feedback to the wearer when they are wetting themselves. Waking up when wetting helps children overcome the problem of bedwetting.

To suffer from bedwetting as a child is more common than you think. In fact, bedwetting is one of the most common health problems among children worldwide. As a child, suffering from bedwetting could mean that you avoid sleepovers, camps, family trips, or any night away from home. These children often develop poor self-esteem, anxiety and stress, mainly affecting the child’s social development.

Our Pjama products have been designed for anyone who suffers from bedwetting. Our bedwetting pyjama pants and shorts are discreet, absorbent, washable, and an environmentally friendly alternative to

disposable products. Pjama keep the bed dry and the wearer confident when wetting the bed. 

Our Pjama Pants & Shorts are made out of a soft tencel fabric, with a breathable waterproof membrane, and a super-absorbent material that makes the urine stay in the pants. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Pjama can be tumble dried after washing.

Pjama are available in two different versions, Pjama Bedwetting Pants & Shorts and Pjama Treatment Pants & Shorts.