Day 5 - Bedwetting Treatments

Day 5 - Bedwetting Treatments

Learn more about the right treatment for the right patient.

Why do children wet the bed? See Prof Johan Vande Walle, from the University of Ghent, Belgium, talk with Prof Soren Rittig, Aarhus University, Denmark, about the main causes of bedwetting, and appropriate evaluation and treatment.

Desmopressin is commonly used as treatment for bedwetting.  Have a look at this useful information from Bladder and Bowel UK about desmopressin for bedwetting.

Using bedwetting alarms is often recommended for treatment of bedwetting.  Read what Bladder and Bowel UK says about using alarms as treatment for bedwetting.

Watch a video from ERIC giving tips for using a bedwetting alarm.

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