Pjama for teenagers – a story about a 14 years old girl

Pjama for teenagers – a story about a 14 years old girl

Being a teenager with incontinence issues can be very upsetting and stressful.  For girls, add getting the period and the stress level multiplies.  And, it can add additional complexity to keeping the bed dry.

Sarah (name has been changed), now 14, have had incontinence issues for several years.  Her mother tried to source pullups, pads, bed protectors and washable underwear with extra absorption, but always had problems with leakage resulting in lots of washing.  She found Pjama and that was a game changer.  No more leaks! No more messy beds!

When Sarah got her period the Pjama pants coped well with absorbing the blood.  Pjama has become double protection for Sarah. Her Mom rinses the Pjama pants straight away in the morning and washes them with regular tea towels.  No staining! And, the drying time has been ok.  Her Mom got a few so that they could rotate them.

Sarah finds the draw strings on the blue Pjama pants and shorts to be a good feature as she can tighten the pants for a comfortable fit and being able to use them without risk of them falling down while getting ready for bed at night. 

Sarah thinks the Pjama pants and shorts are really comfortable and feel confident that wearing them will absorb any urinal leakage and be the protection she needs during her period. Having the Pjama pants has given her real security that she can sleep and not wake up with soaked bedding.

Sarah now takes her Pjama shorts to the washing machine, pulls them inside out, rinses them, and puts them in the washing machine all by herself every morning - another step towards independence.

There have never been any problems with smell, and no skin irritation.

In summary, a Happy Mother and a Happy teenage girl.

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