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School has started again and possibly your child has a camp scheduled soon.  If you are a bedwetter this can cause a lot of anxiety and stress.  Many bedwetters refuses to go to school camp because they do not want their friends and classmates to know they are bedwetters.

Pjama pants and shorts were designed, and made, to give children the chance to easily attend activities which involves sleeping away from home. Pjama absorbs more urine than absorbable underwear and they look like normal pyjamas.  (Check out our size guide for absorbtion capacity by size). Pjama are discreet and safe which creates confidence, and allows the child to attend school camp without anxiety.

Some parents reach out to us after their child has been to school camp to let us know how it went.  Here are a few comments that you might find helpful when you consider Pjama as a solution for your child’s school camp.

These shorts have been a great buy for my son who wets the bed occasionally. They look like normal pants so he doesn't resist wearing them, and should he need to go to a school sleepover, I could tuck them into his sleeping bag and he could put them on. Recommend buying two pairs as they are so water absorbent that they can take a little while to dry. It's worth buying them for saving all the washing of linen alone!

Caroline K.

I contacted Pjama less than 48 hours before my son went on camp...I was in a bit of a panic as my son had recently started bed wetting again after a few months with no problems. Customer service was amazing and my order arrived the following day, just in time for camp. It gave me a sense of relief knowing that he was able to go away and not have to worry


Great size weight and colour. Great for sleepover or school camp when your child is not quite there yet.

Julieanne B.

It went AWESOME. The pants worked perfectly and my daughter came back all smiles because no one had even noticed she was wearing them. Camp was causing her so much anxiety, and she came back full of confidence and looking forward to the next camping trip. Thank you so much. It has meant so so much to her. Also, I’ve found laundering them to be fairly easy too. I’ve line dried and then popped in the dryer for an air-dry cycle and it’s worked perfectly.


Feedback from a mother regarding her son’s school sleep over:

My son mentioned that another boy was wearing Pull-Ups (which he wet) – and was teased & taunted by the other boys. Thanks to your Pjama pants that my son wore, no-one
was the wiser when he wet them and dealt with them himself! 🙂 🙂

Well worth the cost of purchase!!
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