Sleepover in the classroom

Sleepover in the classroom

NO problem with the pyjama shorts from Pjama®

I am a teacher of a third primary school class in Basel-Stadt, Switzerland. Since we held a class camp at the beginning of the school year, I knew that a boy in the class was wetting the bed. He was enormously ashamed of it.

This boy was very worried and afraid weeks in advance of the overnight stay in the classroom that another accident could happen to him. It happened to him several times in the camp that he woke up with a wet sleeping bag - although he had special bed-wetting pants with him... Unfortunately, these were not qualitative enough to catch the liquid...

Although this boy was so looking forward to the final week and the cinema evening with an overnight stay in the classroom, you could see the great tension and worry in the run-up. He reacted with anger and sadness when we brought up the subject - of course the other children didn't know why....

One day I received a text message from the parents saying that their son could not come to the sleepover... Although he actually very much wanted to attend, at the same time he was very worried. A difficult situation for a nine-year-old child - how would he tell the other children that he was not going to come?

I spoke to the parents on the phone and suggested that I would look for a quality pair of pants or pyjamas so that their child could enjoy the sleepover without worry. As these parents had no means of financing Pjama pants, I assured them that I would cover the costs from the school side. Important to know: with a doctor's prescription, the pants are paid for by the health insurance in Switzerland!

As soon as I had the Pjama pants (they were sent super-fast), I let the boy try them on at his leisure. They fit and he felt comfortable in them. The tension fell off him - he knew that these pyjama pants would stay dry - no matter what.

Now he could finally look forward to the sleepover like everyone else!

During the sleepover, no one noticed that these Pjama pants had superpowers Everyone - including this child - was able to enjoy the cinema evening and the sleepover without any worries. It was a wonderful final evening - happy, relaxed and fun - thanks to the Pjama pants! I am glad that such products exist! The parents and the child were very grateful - also that we as teachers dealt with the topic in a very objective and calm and constructive way and worked out suggestions for solutions instead of dramatising the bedwetting.

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