Using Pjama pants for school camp removed all the stress – a user story

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The next school term is about to start soon and many children have plans to participate in school camps.  If you are a bedwetter this can be very stressful and cause lots of anxiety. Some children might not even attend camp because they are too embarressed about being a bedwetter and do not want anyone to know about it.

Recently a mother shared a story about her son who was wetting the bed and was stressed about going to camp.

We used Pjama Pants very successfully to manage our son’s bedwetting. He is now completely dry, however they really came into their own when he had an overnight school camp in Grade 1. He was still occasionally bedwetting at this point.

So we gave him his Pjama Pants to wear on the overnight camp, a spare pair and the Pjama Pant bag. No-one suspected he had “special” night pants. (However, another boy on the camp was wearing “Pull Ups” and was teased for it).

Turns out our son wet in the night. He was prepared!! He got up, changed into the spare pair and put the wet pair into the waterproof Pjama Pant bag and went back to sleep.  And his sleeping bag stayed dry. No-one knew anything about it!!

Our son is now completely dry. The Pjama pants were instrumental in getting him there, and it removed all the stress about the process.

It's a fantastic product. I'm always recommending them!

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