Why don't we talk about bedwetting?

Why don't we talk about bedwetting?

Although bedwetting is one of the most common health problems among children, people in general don’t talk about it. And since we do not talk about it, many may feel that they are alone with their suffering. That’s why we all must start talking about it!

Many children who are bedwetters choose not to attend sleepovers with friends or go on a school trip. Their condition is something they choose to hide rather than talk about because they think they are alone with being a bedwetter. In order for the child not to have to feel shame and have poor self-esteem, it is important to talk to your child that it is not their fault, also never punish or blame your child if an accident has happened. Furthermore, your child can go on school trips and social activities that he or she wants because there is help to get. Another point of view is that many parents feel that it is their fault and are ashamed of the problem because it would in some way mean that they are bad parents, but this is definitely not the case, it is not the fault of the parents or the child.

It is a social taboo to talk about bedwetting and parents and children who go through this often feel lonely. Most people expect their child to be completely diaper-free after the age of three, and when that doesn't happen, parents often feel frustrated and wonder what they did wrong. That being said, we want parents and children to dare to talk openly about bedwetting so that those affected should not feel lonely and ashamed.

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