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Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm

Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm

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Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm consists of ONE component, a small Pjama Connect Sensor. The Pjama Connect Sensor together with your smartphone acts as a complete bedwetting alarm.

Place the sensor in your own underwear or a diaper/nappy, or in the Pjama Absorbent Underwear. When the sensor pad on the Sensor comes in contact with urine, it responds quickly and activates an alarm on your smartphone. You turn off the alarm and can then go to the bathroom to end the urination. Rinse the sensor lightly, wipe it off, put it back in your underwear and then go to bed again.

Note that you, as a parent, must be prepared to assist the child in waking up, it is not uncommon for the child to sleep deeply and not wake up from the alarm in the beginning of the treatment.


💧 Wireless
💧 5-20 m range
💧 Waterproof
💧 7 different alarm signals
💧 Fast response time
💧 Low battery consumption
💧 Charging for Alarm unit: USB-cable
💧 Companion App to track progress


1x Pjama Connect Bedwetting Alarm Sensor
DryGuardians Bedwetting App

DryGuardians App

  • Daily instructions during treatment
  • Progress analyzed for personalized guidance
  • Record your own alarm signal
  • Free App download

Washing Instructions

You simply turn off the alarm and can then go to the bathroom to end the urination. Rinse the sensor lightly, wipe it off and then go to bed again.

Pjama App


The Pjama App includes several functionalities; you get access to the alarm function and can set different alarm signals, in the calendar you can log the progress and success, you can find general tips and advice to assist with the bedwetting treatment. It is also possible to set day alarms for the children who suffer from leakage even during the day. The Pjama app is free to download from Google Play or App Store.

Pjama Bedwetting Clinic gives you customized tips and advice during bedwetting treatment.
Do not forget to record the outcome of the night in the Pjama App so that you can keep track of your, or your child's, progress.

Read more about  the Pjama App and Pjama Bedwetting Alarms on our website.

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Pjama Australia. A washable, reusable pyjamas for children & adults who suffer from bedwetting & nocturnal enuresis. Protects the bed, reduces stress of sleepovers. Pjama Bedwetting Alarms help kids achieve dry nights for protection and treatment.


Clinical data suggest that bedwetting alarms have a high treatment success rate of 80% compared to behavioural therapy and medication which is incredible!

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